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"The Lost Tribe Of Shaman Healers"

In Collaboration With The Huichol People Of Northern Mexico



In Collaboration With The Huichol People Of Northern Mexico; “The Lost Tribe Of Shaman Healers”

Our Grand Reserve starts with agave that has absorbed the energy of the sun for 7 years before being harvested and distilled.

It then matures in American oak casks for an additional 6 years. It is extremely rare to have such an aged Mezcal done in the Traditional Zacatecan non smokey style.

We believe mezcal is one of the greatest spirits on the planet, and in the tradition of the Zacatecas original, where the piñas were baked in clean silver smelting ovens, very different from the smokey charcoal pits of the south.


Nose: You’ll find aromas of agave fruit, oak, toffee, vanilla beans, caramel and crème brûlée.

Palate: Oaky brown sugar, with an astonishing amount of vanilla and butterscotch gained from the first use oak barrels. The flavors are bold and alive with layers of sweet brown sugar, rich malts, buttery caramel, and more creamy vanilla. Hints of nuttiness and a final note of toasted vanilla that is mellow, smooth, and lingering.

Finish: The lingering finish is gentle and closes with a final flourish of buttery vanilla toffee. A great way to remember this rare mezcal!




This NFT program directly funds the artisans, their families and additionally a separate and equal portion that is given collectively to the tribe assuring their culture perseveres for a whole year.


It is anticipated that the NFT, if fully subscribed, will generate up to one million dollars for direct Huichol assistance.



What is an NFT?
An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unique identifiable digital asset stored on the blockchain. An NFT could be a piece of digital artwork, a collectible, or even a digital representation of a real-life physical asset. Ownership of an NFT is easily and uniquely verifiable due to its public listing on the blockchain.

When is the mint date?
To be announced soon...

How much do the Kimo Sabe NFTs cost?
$3,000 USD or ETH equivalent

How many of these NFTs are available?

Who is eligible to purchase these NFTs?
Anyone may purchase the Kimo Sabe NFT. Must be 21 years or older to claim any physical bottle.

What’s the inspiration behind the bottles (the culture)/How are they made?
Developed in partnership with the Huichol or Wixarika people, the bottles are original works of visionary art, based upon spiritual visions from the artists of the lost tribe of shaman healers. Each bottle is hand beaded and incorporates the tribe’s sacred iconography, honoring all life on earth with veneration for their trinity of the twin deer (vision and guidance), corn (nourishment) and peyote (a source of spiritual renewal). Each NFT bottle is totally unique representing the vision of the particular Huichol artisan who created it.

Is there a charitable component? How does the tribe benefit?
The proceeds from the sale help fund this rare culture’s lineage long into the future. If fully subscribed, this program will generate $1 million for the Huichol people.

What's in the bottle?
A limited run of mezcal, crafted from 100 percent agave aged for six years in new American White Oak Casks in the rarified air of the High Bayou of Zacatecas. Like other Kimo Sabe products, the subtle smoke portfolio of Kimo Sabe Grand Añejo Reserve allows aromas of agave fruit, oak, toffee, and crème brulee; provides a palate that is full of vanilla, brown sugar, and buttery caramel; and a gentle finish that closes with buttery vanilla toffee.

Why did we choose to launch this collection via NFT?
Both the NFT and rare spirits communities flourish on authenticity, semblance, and ownership, so a pairing of the two through this unique offering unites old customs and traditions with new technology, ultimately providing a spiritual experience in a bottle with a digital footprint. Starting with this very limited release, Kimo Sabe joins a limited number of liquor brands using blockchain technology to combat counterfeiting in the industry.

How do I purchase my NFT?
Simply connect your crypto wallet or pay with credit card on for a seamless checkout experience.

How do I / Can I reserve a bottle?
222 bottles have been set aside for direct pre order, these are anticipated to sell out fast on a first come first serve basis. The link for pre ordering a bottle can be accessed here. Both credit card and Bitcoin will be accepted for pre orders. Pre sale purchasers will automatically be sent their bottle(s) to their address provided in checkout. You will enjoy prioritized shipping immediately following the public mint and will receive the claimed version of the NFT via airdrop around the same time.

Is there a whitelist?
Since we have chosen to set aside 222 bottles for direct pre order, there will be no whitelist mint. Once the pre orders sell out, the next opportunity will be the public mint.

Where can I see my NFT?
Once the NFT has been purchased (or “minted”), you will be able to see your NFT on OpenSea or other Ethereum-based NFT marketplaces. You can simply connect your digital wallet to the marketplace, which “signs you in,” and then browse the NFT(s) in your wallet through the marketplace’s interface.

If I use credit card to mint, how will I see my NFT?
To view your Kimo Sabe Sacred Heritage NFT you’ll have to create a web3 wallet. The process is incredibly fast, simple, safe and takes no funds to do so. After minting your NFT with credit card, you’ll be prompted to follow a few steps to get set up with a wallet.

Can you tell me about the bottle cases and what’s inside?
The hard shell cases are custom made and fitted to secure your bottle from potential harm. Inside every case you will find your 1 of 1 bottle, a metal engraved tab with your bottle number and a special letter.

When may I claim my bottle?
Token holders as of 05/14/2023 can use their Kimo Sabe Sacred Heritage NFT to claim their exclusive bottle by visiting, connecting their digital wallet, and then providing or confirming the correct address for shipping.

How do I claim my bottle?
After connecting your web3 wallet to, you will be asked to “claim”. After clicking “claim”, an approval notice will appear. Sign the digital notice to “burn” your NFT, removing it from the blockchain. You will then receive a “claimed” version of the NFT in your wallet and be asked to
fill out a brief form for shipping. We have taken care of all the gas (blockchain transaction fees) for the entire claim process making this as frictionless as possible.

What about the claimed version of the NFT?
The original NFT must be burned in order to receive a bottle. To preserve the beauty of the digital art, a second NFT is minted during the claiming process. This “claimed” version of the NFT allows the sacred art of this collection to live on without the utility to redeem for another bottle. Furthermore, this version of the NFT represents a digital membership to an exclusive club of bottle owners.

If I purchase on a secondary market such as OpenSea, how can I tell if an NFT’s accompanying bottle of mezcal has been claimed?
Once a bottle has been claimed, the NFT metadata will be updated to reflect the bottle's claim status. You can view an NFT’s claim status by viewing its metadata, or by checking the Properties section of the NFT on OpenSea. There will also be a very clear visual indicator showing the claimed version of the NFT.

How long do I have to claim my physical bottle?
The redemption period will start on 05/14/23, and NFT owners at that time will have until 05/14/24 to claim their bottles (12 months). Upon mint, you will be asked to provide a shipping address. After 05/14/24, any unclaimed bottles will be sent to the original purchaser’s listed shipping address.

How can I get updates on the shipping status of my bottle?
All shipping is handled through FedEx and comes with registered tracking. Tracking information as well as a notification that your bottle has shipped will be sent to your email provided in the bottle claiming process.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do! All international shipping is subject to any country specific regulations and or additional fees. Please check with FedEx for the specifics related to your country.

Will someone have to sign to receive the bottle when shipped?
Yes, the purchaser will have to sign AND show valid ID due to the nature of the contents and its high value.

Do these NFTs have any other utility other than unlocking the exclusive bottle of mezcal?
When the NFT is claimed to redeem for it’s accompanied bottle, the owner will also receive via email a certificate for one special access distillery tour at the beautiful Surf City Still Works in Huntington Beach, California and a holistic reading of the sacred symbols personal to your bottle. The tour, for you and up to one (1) guest will be held most Fridays-Sundays until 06-30-2024. Please note that other costs of participation in the tour, such as travel, lodging, and food, are not included. More benefits for NFT holders may present themselves over time, such as early access to events, new products and future drops.

How can I set up a digital wallet?
No wallet connection is necessary to purchase a KSSH NFT as we also accept credit card check out as an option. For those that wish to learn how to set up a digital wallet, please reference this article: Wallet Set Up Guide

How can I stay in contact?
Follow us on Twitter @kimosabemezcal for the most up to date news; or for any direct inquiries about this offering, email us at

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